Rafi Fuentes

NYC based actor, singer-songwriter, composer/lyricist, writer & producer. Born in Manhattan and raised in Bermuda the island, not the triangle.

Recent credits include; Theatre: The Polar Express and The Blank Page at Luna Stage Company Film: All The Little Things We Kill, Snatchers and Parental Pride. Rafi is also known for being the creator and star of several ambitious and innovative music videos. He recently made his European debut in Toruń, Poland where he performed a few songs from the EP at a gala for the Mały Rzeczy foundation. Big shout out to Vocal Production Studios! May you continue to prosper and make us the best singers we can be!! Follow my journey on Instagram: rafi_fuentes.

Make sure to get a copy of his EP, titled “The Boy Who Sings”, coming out on iTunes and other online music platforms. Available for pre-order on Dec. 28th, 2018